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Our story.

After working several years in the voice industry we realized everything seemed to change, become digital and smarter but phone systems. The foundation of phone systems haven’t changed much in the last 128 years and we decided to do something about it. That’s how SnapCall was born, we built our product around the end-customer, to make calling a business a delightful experience and not tedious, for once! And for companies we decided to tell them, you don’t need your old phone numbers on your website or app, one smart button will make the job. As simple and powerful as that.

The road we’ve taken.

We are bold and decided to build the best voice product out there. No shortcuts or third-party providers. Our voice technology is built all in-house.


Taking the leap.

We left our corporate jobs and founded SnapCall in 2016. We worked at voice and internet providers companies for a long time and realized voice remained on a different and disconnected silo to the digital world. Companies were missing valuable data and pushing customers out of their digital journeys when using voice.


Joining the experts.

In 2017 we joined Zendesk incubation program at Station F in Paris. We joined the worldwide experts on customer experience to enrich our product and help companies to add voice on a smarter way, a way that has never been done before.


Leveraging funds for our mission.

In 2018 we raised 1 million euros from leading French VC, ISAI. We are backed by a strong partner in our mission to disrupt voice and how companies communicate with customers.


We keep shipping and shining.

We were selected as one of the most innovative top startups at prestigious tech events like The Web Summit and The Next Web. We keep shipping smarter ways to do voice, all leveraged by our in-house technology.

The team

Arnaud Pigueller

CEO & Co-Founder of SnapCall

The team

Thomas de Becdelievre

CTO & Co-Founder of SnapCall

The team

Natalia Diacono

Growth Marketing of SnapCall

The team

Eve-Anne Collomb

Growth Marketing of SnapCall

The team

Benjamin Crot

Sales of SnapCall

and partners.

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