We are SnapCall.

SnapCall is a French company helping teams worldwide meet their customers wherever they are — through video call and streaming.

SnapCall is located at Station F — Paris.

“We are building a more human Internet by bringing video communication experiences closer to their real-life counterparts.”

Arnaud Pigueller CEO, SnapCall

Benefits for everyone.

Platforms. Email and chat conversations are no longer enough. By integrating video, platforms can offer outstanding value and create new revenue streams.

Companies. Video enables sales and support teams to deliver exceptional customer service. All visitors, in turn, can be engaged and guided to create opportunities.

End-users. Products, services, or software can be more than text descriptions. Video enriched shopping and delivery can recreate the physical store experience.

The most popular platforms trust us.

SnapCall is integrated into conversational platforms like LiveChat, Zendesk, Intercom, and Kustomer. All our products are plug & play — 5-minute installation.





“Our tech stands on the shoulders of giants. We have built our stack upon established video rendering engines and created something unique to solve the most complicated digital communication challenge — seamless video calls.”

Thomas de Becdelièvre CTO, SnapCall

How we work

Innovation is at the heart of what we do.

The power of innovation, in our view, is fundamental to driving tangible, positive change and creating real business value. That’s why we continually strive to provide enterprises with the most advanced technologies to support their digital transformation.

Our assembled community of creative, entrepreneurially-minded partners and employees lets us create a product that makes a huge, positive change, leading to multiple growths and market leadership.

“One goal always guides the development of our products — to design a great experience that will meet the needs of everyone.”

Paul Cochois CPO, SnapCall

Designed for people

SnapCall doesn’t require any specialized technical knowledge — you just need to focus on your business.

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