Seamless calling experience integrated with Aircall.

Super-power your
Aircall numbers

Make life easier for your team and enhance the calling
experience for your customers.

Integrate within a minute.

Just a couple of clicks to integrate SnapCall with your Aircall account and enable the smart voice solution to your Sales or Customer Support teams.

Create as many buttons as you need.

Create different buttons for different pages of your website (or even different websites). Remember – you pay according to the number of calls you receive per month only, so you can have as many call buttons assigned to different Aircall numbers as you need.

Choose what fits your brand best.

You get to choose the message, the size, the location, and the colour of your digital call button. We made it possible to customize each button differently, so you can make sure it fits your needs and your brand best.

Decide who gets to call you.

Unlike phone numbers, SnapCall allows you to choose how to be reachable according different criteria.

  • Customer journey

  • Customer attributed value

  • Customer segmentation and profile

  • Team availability

Get valuable customer data

SnapCall enables your team to receive user data, such as full name, location, URL of the page from which the customer is calling, email address, shopping cart information, before answering the call. This results in saving time on customer identification, being able to foresee customer’s issue, and provide great experience.

Set up a convenient schedule.

SnapCall helps you to make sure you’ll be available when your customers launch a call from your website. The call button will be displayed only during the specific hours chosen by you.

Ace the customer experience and boost your NPS.

SnapCall helps you take customer experience to a completely new level: having a real conversation is effortless, no phone number or any additional equipment is needed, no need to install anything. Calls are completely free for your customers, anywhere in the world. So much better than dialing the phone number right?

Improve sales conversion rate.

Selling is all about keeping a customer engaged. SnapCall enables your customers to stay within your website while talking to you at the same time. No need to leave the website and dial the phone number. Also, research shows that positive customer interaction with a particular business makes customers 10-15 times more likely to buy again in the future.

Why they love SnapCall?

Great CX

It’s so much easier for customers to call you when using SnapCall.

Free calls

Calls are completely free for your customers. Anywhere in the world.

Increased conversion rate

Keep your customers engaged within your website, even when calling you.


You pay per agent account only. No additional costs, no restrictions on the number of calls, or call duration.

Kurt Pinoy
CEO and Founder
Before using the SnapCall widget, we provided a direct line on our website. That's quite a challenge for the team. The phone could start ringing anytime, even when traveling abroad or in a meeting. When we finally upgraded to Aircall, a cloud phone system, adding SnapCall was the obvious choice to do. Now calls get transferred immediately to the right contact person. He or she has direct access to the caller's record in Zendesk when available. It really adds to the customer experience.

Start using smart voice integrated with your Aircall numbers.