SnapCall vs Zoom

Which Live Video Solution for Virtual Selling?

SnapCall is the first Live Video Solution made only for retailers and support teams. You have new ways to provide a wonderful shopping experience to consumers. Share and communicate with your customers and increase revenue.

So what’s the differences between SnapCall and Zoom?

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Difference #1

SnapCall is made for Online Shopping Experience,

not Zoom.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool for all industries. It makes it possible to share and communicate between colleagues but is not suitable for the company/customer relationship.

SnapCall is 100% dedicated to e-commerce. This focus allows us to create the best online sales. We embed functions that will allow you to close a sale much more easily.

Difference #2

SnapCall works on any device without app,

not Zoom.

Zoom requires an app installed on mobile device or desktop to work. It is also required for all users to have a Zoom account.

With SnapCall, you can send customers a link to connect on the call— even if they’re using Apple, Windows or Android. Open the link to start the call directly on the device's browser.

Difference #3

SnapCall allows you to improve the performance of your teams,

not Zoom.

There's nothing to compare here since SnapCall is the only video call provider to offer a dashboard with recording, commenting, and reviewing features.

All of your calls can be analyzed, reviewed, and annotated using SnapCall Dashboard.