SnapCall for Automotive

Build a virtual car showroom.

Meets the modern consumers needs.

No car has ever been sold without a conversation. This is why the car sales industry is very difficult to adapt to the online shopping experience which is so popular among consumers. Make buying cars online easy with conversational tools like video, voice and chat. By integrating SnapCall, customers can interact with your brand as if they were in your showroom, go inside and see your latest car models from the comfort of their own home.

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A suite of tools made just for car dealers.

Discover the new version of SnapCall — Enjoy the smoothest shopping experience possible with our new features such as Snapshot, payment during the call and, direct add-to-cart link.


Present your products during the call and take pictures of your items so that your customers can keep track of your presentation.


Send product links during the call to offer your customers a personalized shopping experience.

Watch together.

Provide a personal shopper experience to all your customers. Broadcast videos from YouTube during a call with synchronized video playback.

Offer your client a virtual test drive.

A video call allows the customer to see the car in a much more dynamic way than by simply sharing photos. SnapCall is simple: you send the customer a calling card right into the chat and he joins the conversation in one click. You can even send a credit application during the conversation and close the deal in one call. All the customers have to do is click a button to join, and they're in!

Make a show with the new car collection.

Be the first to welcome and engage web-site visitors to your virtual showroom! Run a live shoppable broadcast on your website directly from your dealership. Introduce new collections, answer questions, showcase the lineup and widen your funnel.

We work fine with our partners.

SnapCall works with the most popular conversational platforms, including Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom, and Kustomer. See how our partner integrations can help from customer support to online selling.

SnapCall for Automotive

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