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Live streams for all types of online gambling.

SnapCall’s features can turn your website or application into a complete game streaming platform. Customize layouts, get users to watch on different devices without interruptions, and engage with chat - all you need is an internet connection.

Chat with players.

Gamers streaming - the best way to build up hype. Have your personalities answer questions, promote the brand, and showcase huge winnings to bring in more players.


Allow viewers to hop on to the stream anywhere and anytime. Create a QR code they can scan that will instantly put them back into the live streaming action.

Customize layouts.

SnapCall’s live streaming service will adapt to any website and application. Get full customization for the size, layout, position, and every other aspect of the video feed.

Showcase your company

Build up hype for your brand through constant online gambling live streaming. Turn jackpots and wins into a way to spread the word about your website and application. 

Create fear of missing out

Bring life-changing wins closer to reality for everyone in your community. Attract users by replaying the big moments in your casino that will make them believe that the jackpot is right around the corner.

Build a community

Turn lifeless online gambling into something that your users feel they have a close connection to. Involve them in pro gambling and other activities through the power of live streaming.

Online gambling with a human touch

Adding a live stream anywhere is now possible with SnapCall. Request early access to be the first in line to harness the advantages of online gambling live streaming.