SnapCall for Recruiting

Attract and hire best talents remotely.

Boost your candidate experience.

Virtual recruiting is often cold, so why not personalize the candidate experience with SnapCall, from search to hire, to make it more engaging? Explain the role, introduce future colleagues, and answer any questions via video right from a chat initiated by a potential candidate on your site, whether you're a hiring agency or a company looking for new talent.

A suite of tools made just for recruiters.

Discover the new version of SnapCall — Enjoy the smoothest recruitment experience possible with our new features such as LinkedIn profile sharing, Watch Together powered by YouTube and, direct link sharing.

Link sharing.

Share the links you want to present to your candidates: case study, webpage of your corporate values, job description...

LinkedIn profile.

Give another dimension to the presentation of the interlocutors. The candidate will be able to consult your LinkedIn profile while listening to you.

Watch together.

We all have videos summarizing our business and enterprise values. Broadcast videos from YouTube during a call with synchronized video playback.

Seamless Panel and Personal Interviews.

Our technology allows you to interview one-on-one or in groups of up to 4 people. Simply send a calling card to the interviewee directly in the chat or invite candidates to join by sharing the call link via SMS, email or even by scanning a QR code.

Reduce candidate ghosting and save time.

Lengthy hiring processes are the number one reason companies miss out on great candidates. Using our high-definition video interview technology, you can tap into a broader talent pool in far less time, easily ensure continuity in the process and never miss out on top talent again! Engaged candidates are less likely to ghost later on!

We work fine with our partners.

SnapCall works with the most popular conversational platforms, including Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom, and Kustomer. See how our partner integrations can help from customer support to online selling.

SnapCall for Recruiting

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