SnapCall for Retail

Display your products in their full beauty.

Bring the offline experience online.

Shoppers want to see a product, check its quality and try it out for themselves before making a purchase. SnapCall makes online shopping as engaging as offline ones. Present new collections, navigate through the product range, and recommend products with personalized advice!

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A suite of tools made just for retailers.

Discover the new version of SnapCall — Enjoy the smoothest shopping experience possible with our new features such as Snapshot, payment during the call and, direct add-to-cart link.


Present your products during the call and take pictures of your items so that your customers can keep track of your presentation.


Send payment links during the call to offer your customers a personalized shopping experience.

Add to cart.

Provide a personal shopper experience to all your customers and let them add your products to their shopping cart during the call.

Sell your products from just about anywhere.

Involve both individual customers and all website visitors. Demonstrate the product in a real-life context during a one-on-one video call with the customer, initiating it right from the chat.

Make appointment scheduling easier.

Prequalify your prospects and schedule an appointment in store.

  • Ideal for drive-to-store strategy.

  • Compatible with all email clients.

  • Easy way to book an appointment.

We work fine with our partners.

SnapCall works with the most popular conversational platforms, including Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom, and Kustomer. See how our partner integrations can help from customer support to online selling.

Case study

“Thanks to SnapCall, we can actually complete the sale in one chat interaction. SnapCall combines the showroom, website and customer experience in one place.”

Terry Robar Sales Director, Canadian Appliance Source

SnapCall for Retail

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The #1 Live Video Solution for the most popular conversational platforms.