Change log

June 23, 2022



  • Increase inputs font size and use the correct font family
  • Prevent password managers to autocomplete inputs
  • Make a specific tooltip design for PayPal invoices links
  • Add a spinner while the camera is loading (when enabling it)
  • Small design changes related to the tooltip
  • Use S3 to save and send snapshots
  • Improve error reporting
  • Rename QR Code to Quick Connect
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June 17, 2022



  • Share link directly during the call
  • Display a message on critical errors
  • Improve snapshots notifications
  • Handle audio device changes
  • Add a highly customizable way to send notifications
  • Fix an issue for browsers not supporting MediaSession
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June 7, 2022



  • Introducing Instant Picture 1.0: show your products, take picture of them, share it immediately. Participants will be able to open the shared snapshot.
  • Quick Connect - Automatic closing of the modal: when you scan the call QR code and join the call with your device, the modal is automatically closed.
  • Bugfix: multiple tiles for one peer.
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