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Discover how Azimo pivoted its phone support and focused on high-value customers only.

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Sending money has never been this easy.

Series C money transfer startup Azimo is not only redefining online money transfer for more than 1 million customers in 200 countries but also how they scale their voice support worldwide.

After successfully raising $66M in total, Azimo is growing fast. Money transfers have been always costly and time-consuming. Under this challenge, Azimo was founded and determined to cut down intermediation prices and make money transfer as easy as paying online.

With almost a million downloads and 30,000 5-star reviews across the App Store and Google Play and Trustpilot, Azimo provides faster, safer money transfers for everyone:

Azimo’s award-winning iOS and Android apps are transforming the way that people send money around the world.

Where all began.

Alessandro Angioni
Business Account Manager of Azimo
We were using another voice solution and displaying a public phone number on our website and app. The volume of incoming calls was quite high. For this reason, we interrupted voice support and decided to focus on email and chat channels, but it had a shortcoming we didn’t anticipate, our NPS was affected since our customers wanted a fast reply. We started looking for an innovative solution that was smarter than a phone number and we found it in SnapCall.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Free, easy & fast as initiating a chat

Flexible & scalable

Restricting support over working hours

Advanced tracking & analytical capabilities

The unfolding.

Azimo had a very clear picture since the beginning of what their voice support should look like. With SnapCall another window of opportunities were opened and a customized solution was developed between both teams:

Real Slack conversation between Azimo and SnapCall teams regarding new feature releases

What has been achieved so far.

Azimo’s voice support is only offered to a certain segment of customers.

SnapCall button gets displayed according to the frequency and value of their transactions

Jakub Pelczar
Front-End Software Engineer of Azimo
SnapCall’s flexible API is allowing us to continuously shape support according to our ever-changing priorities and customer’s behavior.

Azimo is redefining the voice support experience for their customers.

Why a phone call shouldn’t be similar to a chat experience whereas a customer I’m able to see the agent’s name and have some important information during the call. Those little details we believe enrich the overall customer experience and make it truly personal.

Azimo’s customers are able to see the name of the agent they are talking to and also they get to rate the call at the end of it.

Azimo’s support team is also having a new experience and faster workarounds on their daily activities.

Our agents are able to address customers on a personal level, greeting them by their own name and having a good idea of why they are calling for, even before picking up the call. This makes calls much more efficient, having all the context and the right information at the right time.

Agents receive calls with some data about the customer and their web session on their Zendesk support platform. Having access to the customer’s ticket history and information.

Azimo’s voice support is truly global and scalable.

SnapCall facilitates for customers outside Europe to reach to us. Initiating a call is as easy and effortless as initiating a chat.

Azimo’s customers can launch free calls from anywhere in the world just having wifi connection. It’s as simple as one click.

What’s coming next.

Azimo and SnapCall is an ongoing partnership fueled by the same purpose and mission: provide an impeccable customer experience, the one you really enjoy!

Alessandro Angioni
Business Account Manager of Azimo
SnapCall has become the core of our voice support. We are continuously rolling it out to different customer segments and new locations – it works just great!

A new–generation calling experience.

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