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Discover how SeLoger Neuf superpower its tracking and call conversion on more than 45,000 property listings.

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Call an agency has never been this smooth.

France’s largest new property listings site relies on SnapCall to effectively track all leads generated by phone calls on their website.

If you are looking for a brand new apartment in France, big chances are SeLoger Neuf will be your go-site. Launched in 1998, it currently holds more than 45 0000 active property listings, working closely with real estate agencies and construction firms. It’s the strongest brand in France and has gained the trust of apartment hunters and real estate agencies over the years. SeLoger, its parent company, offers a wide range of other specialized websites, that range from luxury properties to just rentals.

Every day new property listings are posted on SeLoger Neuf platform.

SeLoger Neuf website features +45,000 new property listings

Where all began.

Paul Cochois
Product Manager of SeLoger
Leads resulting from completed forms were easily traceable and conversions could be attributed in a scaled way. We found a hard time replicating this for phone leads. We needed a digital native solution that could provide us trackability, insights and could be easily integrated into our current workflow. It was very important for us to gain valuable information about the leads we generated for agencies, to understand the final user behavior and to effectively measure conversions.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Advanced call tracking

Measure conversions of phone calls

User experience customization

Flexible API

The unfolding.

Since the beginning SeLoger Neuf and SnapCall were on the same page and had a common vision: be user-centric and deliver the best experience. When it comes to buying a new apartment or house the stakes are high, every user wants as much information as possible, and to feel supported through the whole journey.

SeLoger Neuf website features +45,000 new property listings

What has been achieved so far.

SeLoger Neuf has full visibility of what happens when web visitors call any property listing from their website

Before they were able to track only call intents but that’s part of the past. With SnapCall, SeLoger Neuf has been able to introduce new KPIs that are shared between teams. Today, they can track and measure:

SeLoger Neuf was able to design a full digital customer experience

SnapCall’s flexible API enabled SeLoger Neuf’s product team to customize the call experience and make it consistent with their brand identity. It has also allowed users to launch calls from any property listing in a matter of seconds while still navigating the website.

SnapCall API is robust and flexible. We have been able to customize the whole experience as much as we want and to incorporate our brand DNA to it. The degree of personalization allows us to stand out, thing we couldn't achieve with other VOIP turnkey providers that had rigid and unique user interfaces.

SeLoger Neuf is now able to gather user behavior and insights from callers on their website.

All calls provide data to SeLoger Neuf about the user behaviour, for example, clicks to call, launched calls and its duration. Also valuable information about user location, key data for real estate companies, since property valuation is highly tied to this aspect. For instance, SeLoger Neuf is able to analyze property listings calls on the 3 main areas in France (Area A, B, and C), just with one click.

What’s coming next.

Seloger Neuf and SnapCall is an ongoing partnership fueled by the same purpose and mission: provide an impeccable customer experience, the one you really enjoy!

Sebastien Blanc
Head of Marketing of SeLoger
We are constantly working to find new ways to understand our end-user behavior, how they interact with our listings and overall website. We are working closely with SnapCall to roll-out better insight capabilities in order to track keywords. We want to assess better our lead generation efforts and optimize for customer personas: are they investors or are they buying the house of their dreams ?

Making intermediation trackable.

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