Data & Analytics

Real time
and rich data.

Unlock what you
were missing.

With SnapCall you are able to dig into your interactions.
Even when the call is never made.

The first live-call feed.

Data, data and data. Easily visualize all your call history and filter per different criteria.

  • Picked up calls

  • Dropped calls

  • Missed Calls

  • Call attempt

  • Filter per : date, call type, score, agents, clients, call buttons.

Easily gather customer behaviour insights.

Identify your customer preferred devices on the go.

Identify your customer’s location.

Spot the exact location where callers are coming from.

Review your customer feedback.

Analyze your call ratings.

Assess your team performance.

Review agent’s activity.

Get even more data.

Linking your Google Analytics to SnapCall buttons you will be able to track more events and enrich your datasets.

Sebastien Blanc
Head of Marketing
With SnapCall we are finally able to easily track calls from web visitors to the agency on each property listed on our website. Today we are able to track several user actions and analyse our conversion rates, like clicks to call, picked and dropped calls. We are also gathering valuable customer insights such as their location and used devices.

Valuable data at your