May 20, 2022

Display video on a call with built-in YouTube streaming

Another great feature is now available to SnapCall users โ€” embedded YouTube video streaming.


Elena Morgina
Elena Morgina
Marketing Manager
Paul Cochois
Paul Cochois

Sharing a video clip when talking to a client or colleague has never been easier thanks to the built-in video player for shared content.

Videos can be opened in the built-in SnapCall player rather than as part of a shared screen or app, improving the quality of shared video, providing a smoother and more stable viewing experience for viewers.

Present your novelties and new products thanks to your marketing videos uploaded on YouTube.

So what's in store for our users?

  • Broadcast videos from YouTube during a call - simply insert the video link.
  • Synchronised video playback - smooth and seamless streaming at the same speed and consistent quality for all attendees.
  • Access to player controls for all parties - each participant can use the built-in YouTube controls to play, pause and search for the right video fragment.

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