Meet new SnapCall.

Proudly presenting our new brand identity which marks the beginning of a new era for us.

Design Philosophy.

To define Snapcall's new style, we wanted to keep it simple and address the basics since our solution is accessible to everyone, and we didn't want to interfere with our main goal — offering an awesome experience.

Our goal is to make the use of the Internet more human and closer to people. That's why the shapes we have used are in a smooth and rounded spirit to convey our values and vision.

Our strengths.

Our logo combines the 4 strengths of SnapCall that represent us.

User centric. We've built a strong product with all stages of design and development centered around an understanding of users.

Designed for people. Created to meet explicit and implicit needs, expectations, and preferences to become accessible to everyone.

Strong tech stack. Agile, reliable technological infrastructure that meets business requirements, mitigates risks, and can be easily scaled up.

Experience Provider. “game-changer”, improving the quality of interaction between business and user, anticipating clients’ expectations.

Designed for people

SnapCall doesn’t require any specialized technical knowledge — you just need to focus on your business.


Combined, the four shapes form the SnapCall's S and take the form of a camera shutter to remind the main element of our product : video.

The elements of our logo are also used to define the security zones.