Smart Voice Support

Outsmart your current phone support.

Choose who gets
to call you.

Automatically filter inbound calls according to

Customer journey.

Offer voice support only on complex points of their journey. Select the pages where the smart button should be displayed.

Customer attributed value.

Offer voice support only for high value transactions or purchases. You get the last word on what’s valuable.

Customer segmentation and profiles.

Offer voice support only to identified customers or selected personas.

Team availability.

Offer voice support only when you are available or when you wish to do so. Switch on and off your call buttons as much as you want.

Choose smartly.

With smart voice support, talking directly to your customers comes as an easy decision


Significant amount of unqualified calls

Anonymous calls

Low intent callers

Long waiting times

Slower resolution time


The right number of calls with high value to your business

Identified customers in the line

High intent callers

Immediate connection to the right agent/team

Quicker resolution times with context

Jakub Pelczar
Front-End Software Engineer
Azimo’s voice support is only offered to certain types of customers according to the frequency and value and their transactions. SnapCall’s flexible API is allowing us to continuously shape this support according to our ever changing priorities and customer’s behavior.

Super power your phone support.