Customer success teams

Build unbreakable relationships with customers.

Video calls and live streams are an unbeatable medium of communication. Use personal video calls to engage existing customers, answer questions, handle objections, and upsell them with new products, all through the power of SnapCall.

Communicate with your customers and visitors in a completely new way. Share screens, take pictures, and send payment links, all through the power of SnapCall’s advanced feature set.

Connect with customers.

Build rapport and closer relationships with customers through the usage of video calls and streams. Create a personalised approach to customer success processes by enabling agents to talk to clients face-to-face.

Solve issues on the spot.

Take charge in resolving outstanding issues by allowing your customers to bring their challenges to a live video call. Solve those challenges on the spot and raise the customer experience to unrivalled levels.

Improve Net Promoter Score.

Create an unforgettable customer experience that will leave your clients no other choice than to put maximum scores on the NPS scale.