Customer support teams

Customer service made memorable.

SnapCall flips the painful process of submitting a ticket and chatting with a support agent into a memorable video chat experience. Enhance user journeys and turn your support team into close companions of your customers.

Move away from the simple chat experience to an innovative video approach. Engage with a new era of customer experience with instant photo and link sharing with an unlimited number of users.

Remake the customer experience.

Make fiddling with a support ticket a minor part of the agent’s job and resolving customer issues a major part of it. Make case resolutions instant by integrating a video chat for customer support functionality.

Turn regular customers into promoters.

Use customer service videos as a launchpad for enhancing the browsing and purchasing experience. Create previously unrivalled customer experience improvements with live video chats and reach new heights in your Net Promoter Score.

Create memorable conversations.

Build video customer service experiences that will last a lifetime. Foster real-time interactions that will drive revenue by helping agents guide users through their journey and improving the customer support process.