Marketing teams

Reach out to the target audience with video calls.

Market high-end products with live video calls or create streams that will promote your products and brand to thousands of people all at once.

Video calls and live streams bring opportunities to professional marketers. Use SnapCall’s advanced features such as link sending, screen sharing, and live streaming to convert more traffic into paying customers.

Live marketing everywhere.

SnapCall provides functionalities to integrate live calling and streaming on any website or application. Make live marketing a part of the process without going through lengthy set up processes.

Give new opportunities to marketing.

Video calls and live streams will enable your marketing department to create innovative ways to improve product and service recognition, which, in turn, will net immense increases in revenue.

Convert faster.

Forget about the slow text-based communication that takes ages to get anywhere. Engage visitors instantly through the usage of live video calls and raise conversion rates to new heights.