Recruiting teams

Schedule interviews in seconds.

Scale recruitment efforts by scheduling and conducting interviews faster. Take advantage of live video calls and connect with your potential employees on a deeper level, minimise text-based conversations, and hire the perfect person with ease.

Use SnapCall’s video call features to improve the interview experience. Send screenshots, share links, and create a QR code that will make the video calls an unforgettable event.

Hire more efficiently.

Reduce the burden of text-based communication and scheduling processes with the power of SnapCall. Use one-click scheduling and move straight to video calling to increase the amount of interviews conducted per month.

Get the best talent.

Reach out to more people and create a better experience than any of your competitors. Get to the best talent in the industry before anyone else can even start looking for the right people.

Enhance recruiter skills.

Get in-depth data from every video call. Use that information to find the strong and weak parts of the recruitment process. Improve upon the skills of your team with data-driven activities.