Web Calls

Instant calls from any digital platform.

Keep your customers engaged like never before.

Allow your customers to call you from the page they are already visiting. Enhance users’ digital journey and make it personal.

Truly digital calls from any interface.

We got you covered. Whether is from your website, mobile responsive site or app, customers are able to easily launch calls from any place.

One click to launch calls and be connected.

Customers don’t need to install anything or open additional tabs. Connection is immediate: no voice menus or annoying transfers.

We made it simple for customers and also for you.

Easily install SnapCall buttons on any type of website and application.


Calls are all launched from the web with one click. No installations needed or additional tabs opened.


Replace all your displayed international numbers with a unique smart call button.


Always free for your customers, they just need an internet connection.

Alessandro Angioni
Business Account Manager
SnapCall facilitates for customers outside Europe to reach us. Initiating a call is as easy and effortless as initiating a chat.

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