How SnapCall works

Get 1:1 video call in a snap.

SnapCall is the #1 Live Video Solution for the most popular conversational platforms.

Create an augmented experience with SnapCall.

SnapCall is the only way to set up a unique video calling experience. Our features will ensure you have a seamless connection with your customers and users.

So, how it works?



SnapCall can be installed directly on the most used platforms in the world. No need to create an account.



Send a SnapCall card to switch to a video call while chatting, emailing, or even talking on the phone.



That's it. Your customers don't need to install SnapCall, everything happens directly in their browser.

Why SnapCall?

Seamless integration.

SnapCall is available on the most popular conversational platforms. There's no need to create a SnapCall account, everything happens right on your regular platforms, and you don't have to change your habits.

Augmented experience.

Regular video calls are so boring. With SnapCall you can offer an interactive experience with your customers and users. Take advantage of video calls (remotely) and real face-to-face conversations (e.g. in-store).

Dedicated support.

Our customers choose us not only for our excellent features, but also for our superior customer service.

Ways we can help.

A unique calling experience.

Easy-to-use interface with a wide range of features.

Sell online with SnapCall.

The most powerful tool for online sales and performing online transactions.

Guide your customers.

Take care of your clients.

Get in-depth analytics.

Increase the efficiency of your teams with our statistics.

Hear from our customers.

“Thanks to SnapCall, we can actually complete the sale in one chat interaction. SnapCall combines the showroom, website and customer experience in one place.”

Terry Robar Sales Director, Canadian Appliance Source

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