Why SnapCall?

Recreating digital communication

Our story starts with you

We bring video capabilities to existing communication channels like chat, messaging and voice platforms, creating stronger human connections online.

“We are building a more human internet by bringing video communication experiences closer to their real life counterparts.”
Arnaud Pigueller
CEO, SnapCall
“Our tech stands on the shoulders of giants. We have built our stack upon established video rendering engines and created something unique to solve the most complicated digital communication challenge - seamless video calls.”
Thomas de Becdelièvre
CTO, SnapCall

Video online communication benefits everyone


Providing email and chat conversations may no longer be enough. With video integration, platforms can deliver outstanding value and create new revenue streams


Video enables sales and support teams to deliver exceptional customer service. All visitors, in turn, can be engaged and guided to create opportunities.


Products, services, or software can be more than text descriptions. Video enriched shopping and delivery can recreate the physical store experience.

Including many businesses

Software as a Service

CRM, CMS, help desk, and other software providers supply businesses with a multitude of tools that drive customer conversions. Enhancing the toolset with seamless video and screen sharing will create new sources of income and help end-users achieve better results.


Online shopping lacks the immediacy and the support provided by brick-and-mortar retailers. SnapCall enables e-commerce businesses to recreate the real life shopping experience by providing customers the opportunity to video call agents at any moment.

Transportation and delivery

Transportation and delivery revolves around speed, accuracy, and clarity. Even small issues can cause customers to turn away from the service. One-click video calls to delivery or taxi drivers create previously impossible opportunities to improve customer service.

Marketplaces and Classified

Seeing is believing. Marketplaces and Classified can benefit from creating a unique experience by enhancing user-to-user communication through video. Showcasing products, creating promotions, and building trust is made significantly easier.


More than simple video calls


Deliver an exclusive customer experience at any stage of the journey - from shopping suggestions to guiding through advanced processes.

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Livestream video calls can help solve issues clients may be facing frequently, help showcase products and services, or provide live tutorials.

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Enable seamless communication between various users at once whenever several chains of conversation are required, making complicated challenges easy.

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Our Tech Stack

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Proprietary End-to-End Video Stack
Available everywhere in the world
No 3rd party platform dependencies
Best codec compatibility - audio (opus) & video (vp8)
Advanced Encryption Standards
HTTP requests are encrypted with TLS and AES-128
WebRTC communications are secured using Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP)
Secured Encryption key exchange, and secure signaling
Dedicated API
Packaged API
Quick integration inside your platform
High level of quality control

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