Elevating customer engagement through audio & video calls.

Bringing personalization and convenience to your Customer Support.
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Audio only

Connect quickly and easily with your customers for an efficient and straightforward solution to communication.

Audio & Video

Engage with your customers in a personal and immersive way, improving customer satisfaction and understanding.

Screen sharing

Enhance your audio and video calls with the added capability of screen sharing, facilitating collaboration and problem-solving in real-time. Screen sharing is only available on computer.

How it works

The three-step SnapCall  experience.

Step 1

SnapCall Instant invitation.

Quickly and easily send a SnapCall invitation through multiple channels, including chat, email, and SMS, to start a video or audio call with your customers.

Step 2

Join the call.

Join the call and experience a wide range of features that enhance the overall experience and make communication more personal.

Step 3

Monitoring and reviewing.

As account owner or admin, monitor calls in real-time or review recordings with the added capability of adding annotations.

Natively integrated into the most popular CRM platforms.