Engage customers with one-click video calls

Stand out from the competition by delivering a groundbreaking customer experience with one-click video calls. Create an unparalleled digital experience no one else is able to match.

Plug&Play — No setup or training required.
Integrated with most popular Chat Platforms.

More than 1 000 customers

How companies use SnapCall

SnapCall is a flexible solution that you can quickly adapt to business of any size and to any business need, whether providing an exceptional service or using it as a sales support tool. Once our platform is integrated, you will be able to make video calls to your customers directly from the chat widget through your website via an Internet connection.

Live video shopping

Engage with your customers in ways previously impossible, ranging from 1 on 1 calls to livestreams.

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Online sales

SnapCall delivers a shortcut - sales teams can engage with leads through video as quickly as needed.

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Qualified support

With the massive movement towards digital experiences, delivering exceptional support is of utmost importance.

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User-to-user communication

One-click video communication can provide marketplace, taxi, and delivery platform users with an enhanced experience.

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Where to download SnapCall from marketplaces

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Install SnapCall with just one click and reap the benefits of an enhanced video experience.

Unlimited voice & video calls right inside the chat.

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Voice, video & screen sharing inside Zendesk.

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Unlimited voice & video calls right inside  Intercom.

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Upgrade your business with Kustomer & SnapCall.

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What our customers say about us

More than 1000 companies around the world are already using our solution and improving customer service with embedded video calls in client interaction

”The customer comes to the website and sees the products, then we create a relationship through chat, engage into a voice or a video call, and do live product demonstrations.”
Terry Robar
President of Sales, Canadian Appliances
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Our Tech Stack

You don't need any technical knowledge to integrate our platform - everything is installed in one click. You'll be able to contact your customer via video communication even when the Internet connection is poor!

Proprietary End-to-End Video Stack
Available everywhere in the world
No 3rd party platform dependencies
Best codec compatibility - audio (opus) & video (vp8)
Advanced Encryption Standards
HTTP requests are encrypted with TLS and AES-128
WebRTC communications are secured using Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP)
Secured Encryption key exchange, and secure signaling
Dedicated API
Packaged API
Quick integration inside your platform
High level of quality control

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