Videos to help you to understand their issue.

Effortless issue understanding with SnapCall's In-Browser Recorder.
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Take photo

A picture is worth a thousand words, take photos to clearly show and explain issues.

Record video

Provide a full picture of the problem through video recording with sound.

Capture video screen

Capture your screen to show the issue and ensure it's thoroughly understood.

How to use for the end user

Simplify complex problem-solving.

Step 1

SnapCall invitation.

The agent starts by sending a SnapCall link, which helps to clarify the issue, after initial contact via email or chat. The customer can choose to open it right away or later, as per their convenience.

Step 2

Photo and video capture.

With SnapCall open, customers can capture as many photos and videos as they want. They can preview and make necessary changes to the files before sending.

Step 3

Medias review.

Medias sent by the customer are automatically linked to the support ticket for the agent and authorized personnel to view. If required, the agent can use SnapCall to respond back to the customer.

Capture video screen.

Capture your screen with no need to download and install additional plugins or software. SnapCall Assist's Screen Capture feature allows you to record your computer screen and voice simultaneously. Showcase any technical issues in a seamless — all from your web browser.

Back-end functionality

An efficient backbone for a glitch-free experience.

Seamless Integration

The SnapCall recorder link seamlessly integrates into existing CRM platform systems.


No need for installations on either end, the interface is fully web-based and works on any browser.

Real-time Recording

Using webRTC protocol, the video is streamed in real-time and not stored on the user's device, all the processing is handled by the server.

Cloud-Based Storage

No storage on the user's device, the recorded file is stored securely in the cloud.

Accessible Media

The recorded media can be reviewed and shared by authorized individuals through email or communication tools such as Slack.

Natively integrated into the most popular CRM platforms.