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Revolutionizing customer support: discover how SnapCall's AI Technology is transforming the way businesses handle customer issues. Experience faster resolution times, increased efficiency, and unmatched customer satisfaction.
Powered by OpenAI.
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Introducing our AI-powered solution.

The integration of AI technology has revolutionized our approach to handling customer inquiries, making it more efficient and effective. Our AI-powered support system automatically analyzes customer media, transcribes audio, and identifies key moments in videos or photos, eliminating the need for manual review. This frees up valuable time for agents to tackle more complex tasks, resulting in a smooth and seamless experience for our customers.
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SnapCall + OpenAI

A Collaboration to drive innovation in CX.

With OpenAI's expertise and resources, we're able to offer a truly innovative product that is revolutionizing the way customer support is handled. By leveraging AI technology, we're able to streamline support processes, improve customer satisfaction, and provide faster resolution times.

Step 1: Invite clients to record videos.

Agents can simply send an invitation card to the client, allowing them to record videos to report issues or malfunctions, directly through the browser, without the need to install an additional application.
No installing additional software.
Simple and user-friendly experience for clients.

Step 2: Record videos directly on the Cloud.

Clients can easily record and store videos directly on the cloud without the need to save the video locally on their device. This is made possible through SnapCall Assist's cloud-based video recording interface, which allows clients to record and upload videos through a simple and intuitive process.
Recording videos through browser.
No need to save videos locally.
Cloud-based video recording interface.

Step 3: Get an accurate summary of the video with AI.

SnapCall Assist offers an AI feature that automatically generates a summary of the video in up to five key points. This summary is based on the automatic transcription of the video and allows the agent to quickly get an overview of the issues reported by the client. With this feature, agents can provide solutions to the client without even having to watch the entire video.
AI generates a summary of the video.
Summary is based on automatic transcription of the video.
Saves time for both clients and agents.

Step 4: AI-driven recommendations based on knowledge base.

SnapCall Assist's AI technology analyzes the content and connects with the company's knowledge base to provide intelligent recommendations to the agent.
Based on the video summary, the AI can suggest relevant help center articles, cross-sell pages for additional purchases, or even initiate a live call with an agent if the issue requires more complex support.
Connects with company's knowledge base.
Suggests relevant help center articles or cross-selling pages.
Initiates live call with human agent if needed.

Natively integrated into the most popular CRM platforms.