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November 14, 2022

Best Customer Experience Management Software: Top 5

Get the best customer experience management software by reading through our in-depth list of the greatest innovations in the field. Start using business-changing software today.

All customer experience management software vendors will tout that their product is the most important one. Undoubtedly, managing customer interactions and satisfaction is a critical process for any business. A single mistake can cause a backlash that might result in thousands of revenue lost.

As such, most businesses turn to customer experience software to automate and improve their capabilities. They usually provide various data analytics capabilities, ticketing systems, and many other customer retention features.

Picking the right one, however, is complicated as the industry is filled with various solutions and vendors. We’ve collected the best 10 customer experience management software that have proven themselves to be worthy of investment.

1. Zendesk

Pricing: Free trial available. Paid plans start from $49 up to $219 per agent per month. Billed annually.

ZenDesk is a well-established customer experience management software vendor. They have since expanded out into supporting sales processes as well, however, they have built themselves as a company that’s tailored to customer experience management.

Their platform is easily scalable, allowing you to add agents quickly and integrate them into existing processes without issue. Additionally, with the wide variety of plans available, you’ll be able to pick out the features most required for your business without overspending on the solution.

Outside of the base key features such as a ticketing system, ZenDesk provides the ability to create FAQs, community forums, and manage several other pages. In other words, it functions a lot like an all-in-one customer experience management solution.

Finally, there are tons of integrations with other software tools that can aid in customer management. There’s too many available to list, but most of them will focus on enhancing the customer experience such as through enabling live video calls.

ZenDesk is best used by businesses of all sizes with the exception of, maybe, extremely large corporations within specific fields such as finance or banking.

2. Livechat

Pricing: Free trial available. Paid plans start at $20 per agent per month with enterprise-level packages having customizable pricing.

Livechat is a similar platform to ZenDesk in that it primarily provides customer experience management software, but has some additional solutions. As the name might suggest, the company is most known for its live chat features.

Like most other companies in the industry, Livechat offers various features that improve customer satisfaction. They grant a ticket system, chat integration, customer data lookup, agent grouping, and many other features.

Additionally, you can integrate Livechat with numerous other popular solutions that help you gather data or act upon customer feedback such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and several others. Most of the integrations are quite simple and easy to set up.

Finally, there’s plenty of analytics provided by Livechat. They will provide access to information such as agent chat volume, average chat duration, efficiency, etc., allowing you to further improve company performance.

Livechat is best used by those who have small-to-medium sized businesses without any other similar customer experience software. Their paid plans are on the cheaper side and will likely not cut into the budget too badly.

3. Salesforce

Pricing: Free trial for most products available. Too many products available to list all plans.

Salesforce is one of the most famous customer satisfaction and experience management solution providers in the industry. They have more than 10 products, most of which are closely related to customer management.

For most companies, however, Salesforce will mostly be used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Users can input customer data both through manual and automated means, resulting in highly detailed journeys being logged throughout the software.

Additionally, due to the extremely high number of integrations available for Salesforce, it can connect all departments under one software roof. Their solutions can be used by marketing, sales, customer support, and many others.

Even with all the interconnecting parts that are added by Salesforce, exporting data into other formats or solutions is relatively easy, making it extremely flexible and scalable. Finally, the analytics provided by Salesforce are nearly unmatched in the industry,

There is one drawback - Salesforce is extremely expensive when compared to competitors. You might need several of their products to get the most out of the solution, which will quickly eat up budgets.

As such, Salesforce is heavily preferred by larger companies and corporations. Medium businesses can still take advantage of the features, however, they might need to settle for less features.

4. Kustomer

Pricing: Free trial available. For pricing, request the live demo.

Kustomer is a platform that facilitates customer interactions. The company has been recently acquired by Meta (ex-Facebook), which has enabled Kustomer to create seamless integrations with the popular products from the company.

As such, Kustomer can be easily integrated and added to Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. They will function better than any other product in the industry, simply due to the fact that Kustomer is now managed by Meta.

In addition to the integrations and the usual features (ticketing, customer data collection, omnichannel messaging, etc), they have a few other solutions. They also have a CRM, an AI-driven chat bot and several others.

Kustomer also makes it easy to act upon customer feedback as there’s tons of analytical capabilities provided with the solution. You’ll be able to track both agent productivity and client interaction, giving a decent 360 view of the related processes.

Finally, there’s additional platforms provided such as FAQ management and several other pages. In the end, Kustomer is a decent platform for those who want something from a reputable company.

5. Intercom

Pricing: Free trial available. Smallest plan is $74 per month, others require contacting the sales department.

Intercom is our final entry in the customer satisfaction software list. The company provides three solutions, each dedicated to a part of the user experience and journey, starting from support and ending with conversions.

With the regular package, they provide a platform for user data, messaging services, and interaction management tools. In short, it’s a fairly standard offering for customer experience management.

Additionally, Intercom can be integrated with 300+ other apps and solutions, making it easy to keep moving around data and automating certain aspects of the customer experience. With all of that, you also receive live chat and support bots.

There are some automation features available as well. Basic workflows such as customer interactions and responses can be delivered to save time for your agents. Finally, unlike most other providers, there’s a lot of personalization features that will be visible to your customers. In short, you can make it feel as if the support is directly tailored to them.

Intercom is great for small-to-medium sized businesses or any other early-stage venture. Corporations and large enterprises might find better value elsewhere, however, Intercom would still be a decent choice even for them.


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