June 16, 2022

Instant Picture powers new ways to interact with users and share snapshots in SnapCall

Share instantly captured photos right during a video call. Take full advantage of this feature and increase business efficiency.


Paul Cochois
Paul Cochois
Elena Morgina
Elena Morgina
Marketing Manager
Vivien Evrard
Vivien Evrard
Brand/UI designer

Take a snapshot of your products and share it immediately during the video call. SnapCall makes Live Shopping more accessible, as well as brings the online customer service and support experience closer to a real offline interaction.

SnapCall Instant Picture

“We’re excited to make the SnapCall experience even better with Instant Picture,” said Paul Cochois, SnapCall's chief product officer. "Giving call participants the ability to take snapshots of what they are filming adds a new dimension to the call experience."

SnapCall helps retailers and entrepreneurs show and sell their products more effectively.

Limitless possibilities

To get the effect of online interactions closer to face-to-face communication, we've added an instant photo feature.

Take a snapshot of your products. It will be shared with your customer during the call.
  • Show the product to the customer in real-time, conveying its real characteristics. The customer can zoom in on the photo to see the product in detail, which isn't exactly handy with video. 
  • Use this feature for customer support! Simplify the return process or help customers solve any problems they have with the product - just ask the customer to send a photo in live mode.
  • Enhance your online services, whether you're a doctor and you need to ask a customer for a detailed photo, a beautician asking them to send your used beauty products, or you're a financial advisor and you need to see financial statements. 

The snapshot feature's use is unlimited. The only thing that remains unchanged is the seamless customer experience that this new feature release provides. 

The client and you no longer need to use additional communication channels to swap extra information. Everything you need is present within SnapCall

Enable brands to have a drive-to-store strategy

Not all items can be purchased on the Internet. On the other hand, having a preview of the article and allowing customers to go to the store to buy the article in question is now possible.

Customer will receive instantly your snapshot and will be able to see and save it directly during the call.


SnapCall 2.0, including the new Instant Picture feature, is available today as a free update on the Marketplace of Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom and Kustomer.

About SnapCall

Launched in 2016, SnapCall is revolutionizing the customer experience by helping brands maximize the value of customer interactions. We combine live video, voice, and screen sharing to deliver seamless customer-business interactions. Our clients are global companies looking to create a winning omni-channel customer experience online. The SnapCall team is represented by entrepreneurial minds from all over the world. We value diversity as it’s what broadens perspectives and makes the spirit of fresh ideas ever-present in our team, which gives us tremendous power to deliver the digital transformation we bring to the world.


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