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May 27, 2022

Interact with all meeting participants in Grid View

Grid View to see everyone on the video call during the call. Learn about the benefits and why it's a win-win for all parties: business and customer.

Virtual meetings are becoming increasingly popular in the business sector. That's why SnapCall technology is constantly being improved to give participants the best possible video calling experience.

Grid View for multiparty call

The grid view is one of the capabilities that SnapCall provides its users for this purpose.

In the normal mode in other video communication services, the speaker's image is enlarged in size and displayed by the main person on the screen. Accordingly, the image changes every time the speaker changes, giving the impression that you are talking one-on-one.

In SnapCall, you can see participants on equal-sized tiles arranged in a grid view. The speaker's tile is automatically highlighted, so it's easy to see who's talking. 

Unlike the regular video call format, Grid View is designed to give people the impression that everyone is looking at the entire group at once.

During a call with three or more people in SnapCall, you can view participants in same-size tiles, arranged in a grid.

Enabling Grid View in SnapCall

As usual, everything is simple. A grid display of meeting participants is built-in by default when you join a call. According to numerous SnapCall user surveys, we believe this format is the best for online communication.


SnapCall 2.0, including the new Grid View feature, is available today as a free update on the Marketplace of Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom and Kustomer.

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