May 18, 2022

Move the tiles during the video call and stay focused

No more distracting moving tiles of video call participants as they join the conversation or take the lead in the conversation. Simply drag a tile to one of the 4 corners and anchor the image. Don't get distracted while you're talking!


Paul Cochois
Paul Cochois
Elena Morgina
Elena Morgina
Marketing Manager

If you use group calls, you probably know that face tiles move as users join the call and depend on who is actively speaking. 

Move the tiles during the video call and stay focused

However, when more people join the call, these tiles continue to move constantly, and the constant movement of faces can cause it to be distracting and unfocused. 

So at SnapCall, we decided to improve the interaction system with participants during a video call. Your tile can be moved to one of the four corners. 

And, as in the best traditions of SnapCall, it's incredibly easy to do!

↪ Just pinch your image and pin it where you feel most comfortable.

  • Stay focused on people and maintain eye contact.
  • Get more engagement and an improved user experience.

Thanks to our continuous efforts and updates, video usage is even faster and more engaging. This is part of the overall goal of improving the performance of our solution.

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