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June 2, 2022

Personal Shopping Online: SnapCall & Nickis

Learn how to boost sales in retail by implementing video. Successful case study of Live Shopping roll-out by a luxury fashion brand for children.



NICKIS is a leading luxury fashion brand for children. The store offers high-end brands such as Gucci, Moncler and Bonpoint, as well as more than 180 other designer brands. 

At NICKIS, customers are the center of the business. Their team works tirelessly to provide parents with the best service possible. The company places a high value on personalized advice and tailored service.

Where did it all start?

The luxury audience not only wants high-quality products, but also the appropriate service, even when shopping online. However, for all the advantages of online shopping, it has a huge drawback: the loss of personalization due to the lack of face-to-face communication. 

Following current trends, NICKIS decided to try to replicate the offline shopping model by incorporating "Personal Shopping" service into its online customer experience. In this way, customers can enjoy the exceptional atmosphere of luxury shopping from the comfort of their own homes, as if they were physically present in the boutique.

"Personal Shopping" is available to all visitors to the NICKIS website.

What was the challenge for Nickis?

The NICKIS team needed to find a solution that would allow their Fashion Advisors to instantly connect with clients for personal shopping assistance. For that reason, traditional video calling services such as Zoom, Teams, and Google were not the ideal solution, as they require multiple steps from the agent and the client: agreeing on a suitable meeting time, switching between different screens/apps, and this is in addition to the non-ideal video quality that is so important to convey the color and quality of things. 

NICKIS was looking for a real-time, seamless shopping experience that met three key criteria: good video and audio quality, seamless client-agent interaction, and no setup necessary for either party. SnapCall became that solution.

"SnapCall is built into chat, and it takes less than a minute to install - just one click. Besides, everything happens on the same platform. We see all customer data right away, and all call data stays inside the platform we use. There's no need to install anything or switch to other services. It's convenient for both the client and the agent." 

3 steps to getting a personalized online shopping experience.

How do they use SnapCall?

Visitors to the site have the opportunity to connect with one of the Fashion Advisors via video. What's more, they have the option of choosing a consultant. 

The customer clicks on the video icon next to the chosen advisor, and then a Zendesk widget opens, where the Fashion Advisor sends a SnapCall calling card right into the chat.  

The client only has to click on the "Answer the call" button, and he gets a personalized video shopping!

Video calls with a fashion consultant are available directly from the chat.

What results has NICKIS achieved so far? 

➜ For the company: Increased KPIs.

With the integration of SnapCall, the sales conversion rate reached 100%. Also, the implementation of the video increased upselling and the average check. 

➜ For the agent: Operational efficiency. 

All customer and call data is in one place, no need to explain to users how to use SnapCall and how to benefit from the personal shopping service. 

➜ For the user: exceptional customer experience.

Personalized luxury shopping, superior service, seamless customer interaction. 


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