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June 6, 2022

Why companies need clear internal communication

Internal communication is immeasurably important to business success. Learn what effective internal communication is and how to establish it.

One of the main objectives of internal communication is to create a collective identity, a feeling of belonging to the same group, and cohesion between the different teams, so that everyone works together to ensure the success of the common company project.

In addition to the stickers of our logo, we have designed stickers representing the 3 pillars of our product: voice, video and screen sharing.

Identity as part of internal communication

At SnapCall, when we implemented our new identity, we also extended our thinking about the use of our graphic charter to benefit our team. SnapCall's identity and values are an essential element for our team and expressing this through internal communication tools is beneficial to the evolution of the company.

The t-shirt and tote bag offered to our new employees.

This internal communication can be done in different ways, all of them aiming at conveying the values but their forms can be different. One of the options we decided to use in the first instance was to create goodies with the new identity.

This is a way for our team to extend the reach of SnapCall beyond just the company we work for. It creates a strong bond and a desire to grow and prosper our business.


About SnapCall

SnapCall is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. Our suite of products offer a seamless and personalized customer experience. With SnapCall Assist, customers and support teams can easily share photo and videos to explain problems and provide solutions. SnapCall Booking allows for scheduling calls with clients and experts without the need for external conference services. And SnapCall Instant offers audio and video calls with integrated CRM platforms for easy access to customer information.


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