Get closer to your customers.

Enable your online customers to have real-time conversations with your brand.

Ensure instant client-agent interaction for online consultations, customer support and live product demo.

Live shopping

Level-up your customer experience.

By integrating voice, video and screen sharing into your online customer interactions, you'll ensure a seamless engagement with your agent. Thus, you provide the customer a convenient and free way to get in touch with you in a single click without leaving the chat.

Virtual selling

Accelerate your sales.
Make a difference.

Adding face-to-face interaction to your online sales can allow you to achieve the same performance as offline interactions with customers. Embedding video personalizes the customer journey, offers augmented experience and, reduces customer turnover.

Get Started.

Build a new way of interacting with your customer and put people at the heart of your business. We're leading a digital transformation of the online customer experience, giving everyone a personalized, one-click augmented experience.

SnapCall creates a great One-to-One brand interaction without a huge investment in technology or people. Set up SnapCall without involving IT team and train your co-workers in less than a day.


Perfect features.
Awesome experience.

Instant Picture

Present your products during the call and take pictures of your items so that your customers can keep track of your presentation.

Smart ways to share

Share links while talking to customers into the call. Whether you’re selling online booking or bicycles, you can share any type of links with everyone in your SnapCall.

Screen Sharing

Present your entire screen or a specific window in a meeting. While you present, you can share information such as websites, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

Greater experience with new SnapCall.

HD video and sound quality.

Eliminate obstacles that prevent your brand from communicating smoothly with your audience.

Data insights.

Evaluate and compare the effectiveness of your broadcasts. Optimize and improve your brand messages.

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