Upgrade Kustomer.
Use SnapCall.

You can get in touch with your customers in real-time by using SnapCall's voice, video, and screen sharing capabilities in Kustomer conversations.

SnapCall makes Kustomer even better.

Strengthen your Kustomer with high-quality video calls. Activate a live conversation with a customer, just like in real life, without leaving the chat.


Impress your customer with an outstanding experience.

SnapCall integration with Kustomer allows you to deliver tailored customer communications, moving from an automated and impersonal online customer experience to a personalized support, individualized sales, and service.

Multiparty + Quick Connect

Connect from another device or invite a colleague.

Join the call with up to 4 participants simply by sharing the link by email, text, or even using a QR code. Organize a meeting with all the required participants without wasting time on setting up a meeting in a third-party video service.

Video Chat

Create the ultimate experience.
Send a SnapCall.

More to real people.
Less to chatbots.

Send an instant call card directly to your chat conversations. Your interlocutor will join the live dialogue in one click. Easy to connect.

Powerful features
our customers love.

Input Request

Guide your customers by inviting them to share their mic/cam.

Quick Connect

Continue your call by switching between your devices seamlessly.

Embed YouTube

Live share your videos without leaving the call.

Instant Picture


Show your products, take picture of them, share it immediately.

In case you still have questions.

Is it easy to install SnapCall?

Yes. All you need is to click on the Install button from the Kustomer Marketplace. SnapCall will be automatically added to your apps portfolio. You will be able to enjoy our services immediately. No need to create a SnapCall account.

Do I need to create a SnapCall account?

Nope. Only your Kustomer account is needed.

Is it possible to record calls?

Yes. All calls can be recorded. They will be available for 30 days.

Is Snapcall available on other platforms?

SnapCall is available on Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom and, Kustomer. If you want to suggest another platform, please contact us.

Get started with SnapCall

SnapCall is the #1 Live Video Solution for the most popular conversational platforms such as Kustomer.