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B2B sales are troubled with long buyer’s journeys and limited interaction with salespeople. Leads spend a lot of time doing research on their own, because scheduling and being involved in meetings takes a lot of time. As such, salespeople have little control over the process, reducing the likelihood of conversion.

Shortened journey

B2B buyer’s journeys are long, because customers spend a lot of time researching and browsing. Video calls and livestreams provide salespeople with the opportunity to answer any questions and guide leads through the research process.

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One-click communication

SnapCall enables leads to hop on a quick call in mere seconds. Email-based scheduling and long wait times are no longer required. Customers can get all the information they need at any moment in time, instantly.

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Added benefits

No need to use third-party services and pay extra for additional features - everything is inside and already included!

Instant integration

No coding or technical skill is required! Download SnapCall in just one-click from our partners, and get all the features added automatically.

Data and insights

Collect in-depth data from all audio and video calls, optimize the shopping process, and skyrocket revenue.

Unlimited scaling

Get scaling and support from anywhere and everywhere in the world. SnapCall will help you expand as much as your business can handle.

Where to download SnapCall from marketplaces

We have partnered with many chat platforms to make our services more accessible. Install SnapCall with a single click through our partners.

Unlimited voice & video calls right inside the chat.

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Voice, video & screen sharing inside Zendesk.

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Unlimited voice & video calls right inside Intercom.

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