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Virtual selling

Connect with your customers.

Use video chat to connect with online leads and increase sales performance — whether it’s Online Shopping, B2B Sales, or Consulting Business.

Live video shopping

Go live with your audience.

Reproduce the world-famous Live Video Shopping experience, and provide immersive Product Demo. Initiate Online Consultations without leaving the chat conversation.

Initiate a live video call within the chat with your client.

You no longer need to use a third-party video service provider, the video communication takes place directly without leaving the chat.

Enhance collaboration by enabling screen sharing.

Regardless of your screen sharing needs (presentation display, technical support), the entire experience happens in a single click and inside chat with the client.

Instantly playback your call records with in-depth data.

All agents can instantly playback their call records immediately after the call is ended. Find all your recordings in our embedded dashboard, even weeks after the call ends.

Our Tech Stack

We have built our own tech stack. No third-party API.

We do not depend on technical suppliers. We built everything ourselves.

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