Stop guessing.
Start understanding.

SnapCall Assist revolutionizes customer support with its video recording feature for efficient problem explanation.

Take pictures.

Capture clear and detailed images with our easy-to-use photo feature, perfect for accurately documenting product issues. Highlight specific areas of concern using our built-in post-processing tool, allowing for even more precise problem identification.

Record video.

Easily record and share videos for more efficient and effective communication with our innovative video recording feature. Capture audio along with the visual to give a complete picture of the problem and let the customer explain the issue in their own words.

Share screen.

Effortlessly document and share technical issues with our screen recording feature. Allow customers to record their steps and clearly demonstrate the location of the problem for faster and more accurate troubleshooting.

SnapCall + OpenAI

Unlock the benefits of speedier resolution times, heightened efficiency, and unparalleled customer satisfaction through the combination of AI and SnapCall Assist, now making automation of customer support possible.
Powered by OpenAI.

Eliminate written explanations hassle for all parties involved.

SnapCall Assist is a seamless and effortless addition to your after-sales process. Whether integrated with your CRM platform, through email or SMS exchange or by using our user-friendly form templates, it streamlines and simplifies communication between customers and support teams, allowing for faster and more efficient problem resolution.

Benefits for the Customer

Improve problem resolution.

Customers can easily record a video to explain their problem, saving time and effort compared to trying to describe it in writing.
SnapCall Assist allows for a better understanding of the problem and a faster resolution. Customers can also improve communication with the support team, leading to more efficient and effective problem resolution.
Faster and more efficient problem resolution.
Clear and accurate problem explanation.
Improved communication with support.

Benefits for Support team

Enhance agent productivity.

Our video recording feature allows agents to understand the customer's problem more clearly and accurately. This improves the quality of the customer's problem explanation and speed up the resolution process.
Agents also have more efficient and effective communication with the customer by using the video recording feature, which leads to better customer satisfaction.
Enhanced understanding of customer problems.
Speedier problem resolution.
More efficient customer communication.

Benefits for the Company

Elevate customer satisfaction.

Companies can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a more efficient and effective problem resolution process. It increases productivity by reducing the time and effort needed to understand and resolve customer problems.
SnapCall Assist also differentiate your business from competitors by offering this innovative video recording feature, which is a must-have for any customer-centric business.
Increased customer satisfaction.
Enhanced productivity.
Competitive advantage.

A versatile solution for everyone.


Easily show your problem.

With SnapCall Assist, it's easy for clients to quickly and easily record a video of their problem and share it with our support team. This allows our team to quickly understand and resolve the issue.


Efficiently help clients.

SnapCall Assist makes it easy for agents to respond to clients in a way that is both efficient and effective. Instead of typing out long explanations, agents can simply take a photo or record a video to clearly demonstrate how to resolve the issue.


Record and share explanatory videos.

With SnapCall Assist, experts can easily record and share explanatory videos to help agents and clients understand and resolve complex issues. This allows for a more efficient and effective support process.


Empowering team knowledge and skills.

SnapCall Assist makes it easy for teams to collaborate and share information. Agents can quickly and easily share photos and videos with each other to resolve issues and improve their knowledge and skills.

Integrate with your favorite tools.

SnapCall Assist is a versatile and flexible solution that is compatible with multiple platforms, making it easy to integrate into your existing systems and processes.
Integration icon

Zendesk integration

Effortlessly integrate SnapCall Assist with your Zendesk platform for enhanced problem resolution.
Integration icon

Slack integration

Simplify team communication and problem resolution with Slack and SnapCall Assist integration.
Integration icon

Intercom integration

Improve communication and problem resolution with Intercom and SnapCall Assist integration.
Integration icon

Kustomer integration

Elevate the customer experience with SnapCall Assist's seamless integration with Kustomer.
Integration icon

LiveChat integration

Streamline customer support with LiveChat and SnapCall Assist's video recording feature.
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Zapier integrations

Expand the capabilities of your current tools with SnapCall Assist's Zapier integration.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from some of our customers.
"SnapCall Assist has revolutionized our support team's communication with customers."
Adam Pages
Support Team Lead
"Gone are the days of back-and-forth written explanations. SnapCall Assist is a game changer."
Ethan Green
Sr. Support Manager
"Our team's efficiency has greatly improved since implementing SnapCall Assist."
Sarai Aragon
Head of Support
"Easily documenting product issues with SnapCall Assist has greatly improved our resolution time."
Emily Johnson
Head of Support
"Our customers love the ability to easily record and share videos with SnapCall Assist."
Michael Davis
Support Manager
"SnapCall Assist has made our team's communication with customers seamless and effective."
Rachel Chen
Support Analyst


Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
What is SnapCall Assist and how does it work?
It is a customer service and support tool that allows users to easily record and share videos, photos, and screen recordings to communicate and document issues more efficiently.
How can SnapCall Assist be integrated into my current customer support process?
It can be integrated into your CRM platform, through email or SMS exchange, or by using our pre-built form templates.
Is SnapCall Assist compatible with other platforms such as Zendesk, LiveChat, and Intercom?
Yes. SnapCall Assist also integrates with Zapier. This means you can easily integrate SnapCall Assist into your existing workflow and start using it right away.
Does SnapCall Assist allow for sharing screenshots to explain technical issues?
Yes, SnapCall Assist includes a screen recording feature that allows customers to easily document and share technical issues with the support team.
Does SnapCall Assist allow for secure sharing of photos and videos?
Yes, SnapCall Assist includes security measures to ensure that any photos and videos shared are protected and only accessible to authorized individuals.
Is SnapCall Assist easy for customers to use?
Yes, you can try us for free for 30 days. If you want, we’ll provide you with a free, personalized 30-minute onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.

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