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March 26, 2023

Resolution Time: Best Practices to Reduce It and Keep Customers Happy

Keeping Resolution Time low is essential for businesses that aim to scale and maintain happy customers. There are many factors that can cause an increase in Resolution Time, but there are several best practices that can help businesses keep it under control.

When customers contact a Support Team, it is usually because they need a resolution to a problem they are experiencing with a product or service. In many cases, these problems are time-sensitive, and if there are significant delays in providing a resolution, it could become useless or irrelevant. Prolonged delays could also cause unnecessary stress or additional issues for the customer, leading them to churn and abandon the product or service. Moreover, good customer service is essential for customers to feel loyalty towards a brand, and reactive Support Teams can shift a negative experience into a positive one, ensuring that the customer base will continue to adopt the product and purchase again.

Best Practices to Reduce Resolution Time

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to reduce Resolution Time, as it depends on the type of business, the user base, and the pain points they encounter when using products or services. It is crucial to experiment with new ways to solve problems and measure the success over time to assess whether a new solution satisfies customers or if something else needs to be deployed.

Here are some key points that organizations should look into to implement quick changes that can drive a positive impact:

Ensure Your Team Has All the Necessary Data

When a Support agent receives a ticket from a customer, they need to assess the situation quickly. They need to review the customer's account, latest order, and understand their current situation, which requires an extensive amount of data that they should have at hand. When agents don't have this information, they might need to request it from the customer, increasing Resolution Time significantly. Tools like SnapCall Assist can help customers easily record video, screen share or take pictures without the need to install third-party software or compress files, allowing agents to provide a resolution right away, instead of having to look for additional information.

Devialet is a great example of a company that took advantage of this solution and reduced resolution time by 18%, boosting CSAT as well at the same time. Learn more about their use case and story here.

Switch Communication Channel When Necessary

Emails and chats are great channels for receiving queries from customers and allowing agents to reply quickly, but written communication is slower compared to voice, and it might lead to misunderstandings due to the lack of tone of voice. SnapCall Instant can push a button or a link directly within the conversation, regardless of whether it is an email, chat, or a Whatsapp. Customers can easily join the call clicking on the button, with no need to install third-party apps. From there, they can better explain their issue, or receive guidance from the agent or show the issue they're facing on the website/app.

Glovo, the leading on-demand delivery platform, has teamed up with SnapCall to improve their customer communication and support experience. With SnapCall Instant, Glovo's customer service team can effortlessly connect with their customers through audio calls, making problem-solving a breeze and increasing customer satisfaction. Here you find their full story with SnapCall.

Bridge the Gaps of Emails and Chat with Voice and Video

More and more companies are adopting written, live communication channels like chats or Whatsapp to handle customer queries. Still, it is undoubtedly not the best way to handle certain use cases or situations. Guiding a customer via video or screen share is way more effective and quick compared to sending them links or written instructions. Troubleshooting technical issues or errors is also way more effective via video and screen share, rather than sending screenshots and replicating these offline in other environments. Video is useful for VIP Support, as it is easier to build relationships using this specific communication channel.

Customer onboarding is way more effective via video rather than chat, as it helps reduce the number of queries raised and reduces the backlog that Support needs to handle, which has a positive impact on Resolution Time over time.


Reducing Resolution Time is essential for businesses that aim to scale and maintain happy customers. Businesses need to experiment with new ways to solve problems and measure the success over time, ensuring that they have access to the best tools to manage quickly and seamlessly


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