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April 30, 2024

How to request videos in Zendesk tickets

Tired of back-and-forth emails with customers? SnapCall and Zendesk can change that. Now, you can automatically request videos from customers right in their support tickets, getting clearer issue descriptions and slashing resolution times.

Here's how it works, in three simple steps:

1. **Set Up a trigger in Zendesk**: Configure Zendesk to automatically email customers upon ticket creation. This email will include a unique link for attachment uploads.

2. **Dynamic Field Inclusion**: The magic lies in the dynamic fields embedded within the attachment link. These fields, such as email address and ticket ID, eliminate the need for customers to re-enter information, ensuring a frictionless experience.

3.**Effortless Attachment Handling**: Once uploaded, media attachments are automatically added to the existing ticket as internal notes. Agents no longer need to sift through duplicate tickets or manually merge threads. Instead, they can focus on efficiently addressing the customer's issue.

And the Pros? Oh, they're plenty. Customers can paint a clearer picture of what's going on with their multimedia attachments, and your support team saves time by having everything they require right at their workspace.

Best part? This whole setup is easy. You don't need a team of tech wizards or a degree in rocket science—just a few simple adjustments, and you are ready.

So why wait? Give your support team the tools they must have and let's make support simple again!

Use cases :

This isn't just about the benefits we listed – easy file uploads make Zendesk way more helpful in all sorts of industries.

Screen share: Customers experiencing issues with their accounts, such as error messages, can now easily capture and share screenshots or videos of the problem directly through the attachment feature.

SaaS companies: Streamlining the support process with video uploads enhances the troubleshooting experience for SaaS users encountering technical issues, ensuring faster resolution times and increased satisfaction.

Retail and e-commerce: Customers facing issues like broken products or damaged deliveries can provide visual evidence through attachments, facilitating smoother communication and quicker resolutions.

Fintech: In the fintech sector, where document verification is crucial, customers can conveniently upload necessary documents directly to their support tickets, expediting account verification processes.

Moreover, implementing this feature can result in significant improvements in support metrics:

By integrating video attachment capabilities into Zendesk, businesses can empower both customers and support teams to collaborate more effectively, resulting in improved support experiences and higher satisfaction levels.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Setting Up Zendesk for Customer Video Requests,

Important Note: This configuration can be done without involving your developers.

Pro Tip: This initial condition can be further customized. For instance, you can choose to trigger the email only for tickets with a specific status (e.g., "New").

Please note: While this blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the configuration process, it's advisable to consult the official Zendesk documentation for the most up-to-date steps.


Q: Can I customize the content of the email notification sent to customers?

A: Absolutely! You have full control over the content of the email you send to customers. You can tailor the message to provide clear instructions on how to upload video,

Q: Is there a limit to the video size that customers can upload?

A: The maximum video size for uploads will depend on the limitations set within your Zendesk configuration.

Q: Does this process require any coding knowledge?

A: No, the configuration steps outlined above can be completed entirely within the Zendesk admin panel without needing to involve your development team.\

Q: How do customers record and attach SnapCall videos?

A: Once the customer click on the link provided, he will be redirected to your public page and will be guided through,

Q: Is there a limit on the length of SnapCall videos?

A: SnapCall videos have flexible lengths up to 5 hours, allowing customers to record as needed for issue clarification.


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