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May 8, 2024

ZENDESK CHATBOT - Empower your organization with Inbound Video Calls

Quick guide to SnapCall in Zendesk Messaging

Customer support wait times can be frustrating to customers.

This article explores how SnapCall, integrated within your Zendesk messaging widget, allows customers to initiate video calls for faster issue resolution, improving their overall support experience.

Results User Can Expect

The Use Cases

While specific numbers depend on your implementation, stats show inbound video calls can significantly improve:

How to proceed? Step-by-Step Guide:

A - Setting Up the Bot (Zendesk Flow Builder):

  1. Create a new answer bot using Zendesk's Flow Builder.
  2. Craft an introduction informing customers about the self-service video call option.
  3. Collect customer information (name and email) for follow-up purposes.

B - Integrating SnapCall Services:

  1. Within the bot, add a step to initiate an API call to SnapCall.
  2. Configure the API call details:

C - Providing the Video Call Link:

  1. Once the API call is successful, what we want to do is to give the link to the customer to join the video call. We can do so by adding another step, just after the API Call one, that would give this link to them. 
  2. In case of API failure, transfer the conversation to an agent.
  3. Otherwise, utilize message buttons to present the video call link to the customer.
  4. The link can include parameters to customize the greeting page displayed before the call.

For further details and code snippets, please refer to the video presentation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact SnapCall support at


About SnapCall

SnapCall is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. Our suite of products offer a seamless and personalized customer experience. With SnapCall Assist, customers and support teams can easily share photo and videos to explain problems and provide solutions. SnapCall Booking allows for scheduling calls with clients and experts without the need for external conference services. And SnapCall Instant offers audio and video calls with integrated CRM platforms for easy access to customer information.


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