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November 14, 2022

The Complete Guide to Video Call Recording

Video calls, recording, logging, and many other forms of communication have become the backbone of digital businesses. Most of them tend to move away from text-based communication both internally and with clients due to the inherent flaws of the medium.

Video calls, recording, logging, and many other forms of communication have become the backbone of digital businesses. Most of them tend to move away from text-based communication both internally and with clients due to the inherent flaws of the medium.

Video call recording is an especially important feature as some businesses must mandatorily do so when engaging with customers. Not all such software comes with the feature inbuilt, however, forcing people to look for answers on how to record a video call with audio enabled. 

Why is video call recording important?

There are three main reasons why an individual or company might want to use video call recording. They are legal requirements, training, and data collection.

Legal requirements

While legislation on recording and logging differs heavily worldwide, most countries and governments have accepted specific rules for key areas of activity. These highly sensitive fields, such as finance, healthcare, and several others have legal requirements to provide logs and recordings when requested for.

These occurrences might not be frequent, however, due to the strict nature surrounding the legislation in question, every interaction must be recorded. As such, in these industries, video call software must have an inbuilt (or at least external) recording feature.

Finally, since storage is also a concern, local recording is the preferred method for most businesses. Cloud storage is somewhat prone to data leaks, which can cause a whole host of other issues to the businesses in question, making the creation of a local video file the preferred option.


Many departments nowadays engage with customers through audio and video calls. Even in industries where recording such interactions is not mandatory, making copies of each call might still be an option. These recordings are then used as the basis of evaluation for a specific agent.

Additionally, extremely well conducted video and audio calls may be used for training purposes as the prime example on how others should engage with customers. With some data tracking enabled through the video call recorder software, businesses can even use that information to further improve team performance.

Data collection

While not the prime reason for using a video call recorder application, data collection is still an option. Some companies may use a video file collection to analyze specific aspects of the business such as the most common customer complaints, repetitive feedback, or recurring issues within their service.

In the future, it is likely, video call recorder applications might be even used for more wide-ranging data collection practices. Data-as-a-service companies already exist and while they mostly serve textual and numerical information, there is no reason why a business wouldn’t use video as another data source.

Video call recording in practice

In almost all cases, regardless of the intended usage of a video call recorder, all parties should be informed about the practice. Many countries have outlawed practices where people record video calls or other interactions without receiving expressed consent from all parties.

Many video call recorder software, such as Zoom, now automatically create a popup that someone has begun taping the communication. Accepting the notification means granting consent for the recording.

Even in cases where consent might not be required, it’s considered good manners to inform all participants about one’s intention before starting the recording. A random popup for the video call recorder might seem like it’s enough, but for some people it will seem unkind and may cause a negative reaction.

If your video call recorder app has no inbuilt feature, there are several workarounds to it. While most of them are fairly inefficient, they will work in a pinch if you need to start recording suddenly.

Use a screen recorder

Screen recording software nowadays comes with most operating systems. MacOS has QuickTime Player, which can initiate screen recordings through the menu. Windows has the Xbox Game Bar, which can record screens as well.

Quality and recording features, however, will be of dubious value. Some of the applications will create recordings of enormous sizes due to a lack of compression. Others may have issues capturing all of the audio.

As such, screen recording should only be used when nothing else is available.

Download external plugins

Numerous addons, extensions, and plugins to browsers, existing video call recorder applications, and many other pieces of software are available. Even dedicated applications are fairly popular nowadays, most of which can be found for free.

Unfortunately, most of such applications, plugins, and extensions come from dubious sources and usually lack extensive support. Since most dedicated solutions, such as SnapCall, already have recording features, these plugins are scarcely supported. While you will definitely be able to record video calls, they will likely be of lower quality.

Use SnapCall

SnapCall is a dedicated solution that can run video calls and live streams. Recording is an inbuilt feature within our solution, making all of the above issues null and void.

Additionally, you can record video calls completely free with SnapCall. Our solution costs nothing for a single agent or person and you receive all of our primary features right from the get-go.


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