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July 19, 2022

Video or chat: which is more sales-promoting?

Converting potential customers into buyers takes time and effort. Especially today, when they can easily find many options online, and choose a competitor's solution. 

80% of customers say that the buying experience the company provides is just as important as its products. A logical solution for enhancing the shopping experience was introducing a chat with a consultant or chatbot. 

It certainly bridges the gap between traditional customer service and online interaction, but how much does chat by itself increase conversion?

Sales is a two-way dialogue. 

Selling through chat correspondence with a consultant or bot lacks the essential element: the effect of personal interaction and presence. 

Remember how many times you yourself closed the dialog box with a consultant and stopped responding?

Thus, the absence of the effect of face-to-face interaction, as in offline interactions with customers, reduces the likelihood of closing a deal. 

The old sales paradigm no longer works.

The first 5 minutes of interaction are critical in the buying process.

The problem is that basic chatbots or conversations with online advisors often don't satisfy customers because the answers are either too general or the customer is redirected to a form or general FAQ page, which generally requires them to perform multiple actions.

Completing a transaction online should be a seamless process. If customers have to send multiple messages or take dozens of actions to resolve their issue, it's a missed opportunity to convert a lead into a sale.

So what's the alternative? How can you offer a unique customer experience and increase conversions?

Conversational sales rule the business.

Conversational selling is an online sales method based on interacting with customers using online tools while reducing digital touch points.

The focus of conversational sales is on using conversation at all stages of the customer's journey through the sales funnel.

This strategy has been proven to increase online conversion rates, improve customer service and extend the sales cycle.

A video is a key tool for implementing a new approach to online sales.

With video, brands are breaking down the barriers that prevent customers from buying online. It bridges the gap between the physical and online presence, guiding customers through all phases of the buying decision, while reducing their efforts.

In this way, the video brings the conversion rate of online sales closer to that of on-site sales. Or even makes that ratio even higher.

Average conversions relative to sales channels.

Compare for yourself:

Consequently, looking at the statistics: the use of a single chat is not enough for high online sales!

However, by simply incorporating video into your online communication you can easily raise your online sales to the level of in-person sales.

SnapCall is the leading provider of conversational sales technology.

We integrate all online interaction channels with customers (social media, online forms, chatbots, websites, etc.) and bring clients to a live, personal one-click interaction with you.

How? By incorporating video directly into the chat with the customer.

⇢ For the business, it increases the likelihood of closing a deal;

⇢ For the customer, it's a completely hassle-free, seamless, superior service.

A suite of tools made just for retailers.

This approach creates a personal, instant, and high-quality interaction that boost online sales.

Look at the business outcomes.

SnapCall customer Nickis, a high-end children's clothing store, achieved 100% online sales conversion by incorporating video into its online sales.

Nickis wanted to improve online customer interactions and offer them a live shopping experience. So, they incorporated video into their chat widget and achieved maximum purchase conversions.

Nickis® uses video to provide customers with a Live Shopping experience, connecting them with shopping advisors in real-time.

Another company that has successfully incorporated video into its daily practice is a major supplier of home appliances in Canada, CAS. Their ROI reached 500% after implementing video, thus getting $500 for every $1 invested.

With video, sales are simple. You just show the product, talk to the customer live, show a demo, and the deal is done!

Canadian Appliance Source® connects online shoppers with in-store associates.

Enhance your chat with video. Personalize your communication with the customer and multiply your online transactions with SnapCall.

➜ Installation takes one click!


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