Unlimited voice and video calls right inside the chat.

Super-power your
chatting experience.

The first voice, video and screen sharing solution enabling your team
to call customers directly inside the chat window.

Unlimited calls for 20$/month per agent.

Install within a minute.

Just one click to install the SnapCall app and enable the chat-to-call escalation feature for your Sales or Customer Support teams.

Choose who gets to call you.

Your team has full control of who and when is provided with the possibility to have a voice or video call and enable screen sharing. You’d like to help your customer go through a more complicated setup by sharing your screen? Jumping on a video call would allow you to show the actual product and sign a deal faster? You decide in which situations SnapCall can help you and enhance the experience for the customer.

Launch a call directly inside the chat.

Provide the customer with a digital call button directly inside the chat with just one click. Answer the call within your LiveChat console. All you need is a microphone (and a camera for video calls) on your device.

Ace the customer experience and boost your NPS.

SnapCall helps you take customer experience to a completely new level: having a real conversation is effortless, no phone number or any additional equipment is needed, no need to install anything. Calls are completely free for your customers, anywhere in the world.

Improve sales conversion rate

Offer your team to call customers in situations where live interaction could positively impact the deal or help create a relationship that would motivate the customer to buy again.

SnapCall benefits

Strong connection

Live communication channels like voice and video help you build deep, personalized relationships with customers and improve retention rates.


You pay per agent account only. No additional costs, no restrictions on the number of calls, or call duration.

Complete confidentiality

Neither you nor the customer needs to share a phone number or any other personal data.

You have the control

You get to decide whether a call can enhance the experience and choose which customers get the possibility to call you.

Your live chat.
Reinforced with digital calls.