SnapCall 2.0

The ultimate transactional experience.

SnapCall 2 gives you new ways to provide a wonderful shopping experience to consumers. Share and communicate with your customers and users. Increase revenue with features dedicated to sellers and merchants.

Available now.

Convert shoppers.

Give your customers a unique online shopping experience. Explore our suite of tools specially designed for retailers.

Direct Pay

Send payment links during the call to offer your customers a seamless online shopping experience. The payment experience is fully secured and allows both seller and customer to benefit from the unique Purchase Protection Program provided by PayPal.

Powered by PayPal

Instant Picture

Present your products during the call and take pictures of your items so that your customers can keep track of your presentation.

Smart ways to share

Share links while talking to customers into the call. Whether you’re selling online booking or bicycles, you can share any type of links with everyone in your SnapCall.

Quick Connect

Continue your call on any device by scanning the QR code. This will allow you to move more easily and show your products from your showroom.


Add your phone to the call to show off your items in a smooth way. You will be able to continue talking through your webcam and present your products with the camera of your phone.

Guide customers.

A video call doesn't have to be complicated. Provide a perfect experience for your users by guiding them.

Request input devices

Guide your customers by inviting them to share their microphone, camera and screen. Participants receive a request which can be accepted or refused.

Screen Sharing

Present your entire screen or a specific window in a meeting. While you present, you can share information such as websites, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

Shared with you

At the end of the call, find all the items shared during the call: links, snapshots, PayPal links, YouTube videos.

Redesigned display name

Display your avatar alongside your name, making the SnapCall interface more enjoyable.

Watch together

Stream videos from YouTube while on a SnapCall call with your customers. The video is automatically synchronized for all participants and they have full access to the player.

Virtual background

Limit distractions or safeguard your privacy, you can now blur or replace your background or replace it with an image.

Scale and Build.

Gain analytics superpowers— discover the hundreds of ways we make managing your calls easier.

New dashboard

There is a large number of metrics behind a video call. With our new dashboard, you can take advantage of them to the fullest extent possible.

Coming this fall

Quick access to calls

Quickly access in progress and past calls. As a manager, you have absolute control over all your team.


All graphics are precise and easy to understand. It is possible to view them in real time.

Call review

You can see all calls made by your team in one place. Calls can be replayed, commented on and approved by you at any time.

Available this fall

And so much more.


Embed SnapCall directly into your Zendesk Chat, Messenger, and Sunshine Conversations.


Create the next generation online customer experience with SnapCall. Voice and Video calls, Screen Sharing right inside LiveChat.


Deliver an exceptional customer experience to your customer. SnapCall enables real-time interaction with customers through Voice, Video, and Screen Sharing in Intercom conversations.


You can get in touch with your customers in real-time by using SnapCall's voice, video, and screen sharing capabilities in Kustomer conversations.