Upgrade Zendesk.
Use SnapCall.

Embed SnapCall directly into your Zendesk Chat, Messenger, and Sunshine Conversations.

No card needed. No Installation required — No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Enhance your Zendesk with SnapCall

Get the most of Zendesk with high-quality video calls. Initiate face-to-face conversation with your client using a voice or video call without leaving Zendesk chat.


Give your customer a unique experience.

SnapCall allows you to engage your customers more strongly with one-to-one calls. Faster and more efficient than a chat, video calls allow you to give a clear answer to your users.

To install, click Install on Zendesk Marketplace.

Multiparty + Quick Connect

Invite colleagues to participate in the call.

It does not matter if you need assistance during the call with a tricky question from a customer or if you want to show off your products using a second device, you can share the call link with a QR code.

Video Chat

Create the ultimate experience.
Send a SnapCall.

More to real people.
Less to chatbots.

With SnapCall, you can power-up your chat conversations by sending an instant call card. Your users will join you immediately. Easy call.

Powerful features
our customers love.

Input Request

Guide your customers by inviting them to share their mic/cam.

Quick Connect

Continue your call by switching between your devices seamlessly.

Embed YouTube

Live share your videos without leaving the call.

Instant Picture


Show your products, take picture of them, share it immediately.

In case you still have questions.

Is it easy to install SnapCall?

Yes. All you need is to click on the Install button from the Zendesk Marketplace. SnapCall will be automatically added to your apps portfolio. You will be able to enjoy our services immediately. No need to create a SnapCall account.

Do I need to create a SnapCall account?

Nope. Only your Zendesk account is needed.

Is it possible to record calls?

Yes. All calls can be recorded. They will be available for 30 days.

Is Snapcall available on other platforms?

SnapCall is available on Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom and, Kustomer. If you want to suggest another platform, please contact us.

Get started with SnapCall — built into Zendesk.

SnapCall is the #1 Live Video Solution for the most popular conversational platforms such as Zendesk.