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Use SnapCall.

Embed SnapCall directly into your Zendesk Chat, Messenger, and Sunshine Conversations.

No card needed. No Installation required — No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Enhance your Zendesk with SnapCall

Get the most of Zendesk with high-quality video calls. Initiate face-to-face conversation with your client using a voice or video call without leaving Zendesk chat.


Give your customer a unique experience.

SnapCall allows you to engage your customers more strongly with one-to-one calls. Faster and more efficient than a chat, video calls allow you to give a clear answer to your users.

To install, click Install on Zendesk Marketplace.

Multiparty + Quick Connect

Invite colleagues to participate in the call.

It does not matter if you need assistance during the call with a tricky question from a customer or if you want to show off your products using a second device, you can share the call link with a QR code.

Video Chat

Create the ultimate experience.
Send a SnapCall.

More to real people.
Less to chatbots.

With SnapCall, you can power-up your chat conversations by sending an instant call card. Your users will join you immediately. Easy call.

In case you still have questions.

How can I install Snapcall into my Zendesk workspace?

All you need to do is to install the application from our Zendesk Marketplace. The whole procedure takes less than five minutes and Snapcall will be available to all your agents within your team, for free.

There’s no need to add code on your website and you don’t need the intervention of your IT Team or developers to have this completed.

How can my agent use Snapcall once I install it?

All your agents will be able to initiate calls with your customers directly from a Zendesk chat. When they press the Snapcall button and send a message, the client will receive a button to join a call, allowing them to interact via voice and video.

Which features does Snapcall give me to improve the user experience?

Snapcall built dedicated features to make it easier for agents to solve Support queries faster. For example, agents can share their screen during the call to guide customers step by step, or showing them how a specific feature would work for them. More on that is available here.

Not only that, the agent decides when to offer phone support according to the situation, allowing them to have more time to dedicate to chats and solve more tickets faster. Your team won’t be flooded by an unproportional amount of calls that they can’t handle, meaning they will have more time to reply to chats, boosting team performance and customer satisfaction.

Which advantages does Snapcall Pro give me?

Snapcall Pro allows you to get access to specific in-call features that makes it easier for you and your team to solve issues faster, you can find the full list here.

Not only that, you will be also able to monitor all your agent’s call in our Dashboard, as well as gather analysis of your Team’s call. With a Pro plan, you can also download and listen for the recordings of your team calls.

Can I use Snapcall if I don’t have chats in Zendesk?

It is possible to generate calls on your Snapcall account and add its link to an email body. Once sent, the client will be able to click on the link and join a video call with Snapcall within seconds.

I am not interested in video but I would like to allow my agents to initiate calls with clients. Can I do this with Snapcall?

Absolutely! When an agent joins a call, they decide if they want to share their video or if they prefer to just activate their microphone.

Not only that, agents can prompt clients in a call to activate their microphone in case of difficulties, by sending them a pop up via one of our Snapcall features.

How do I contact Snapcall in case I need guidance to set up the tool?

You can head to our Support Center, where you can find all answers to the most asked questions. On the same page, you can also get in touch with us by using the chat widget on the bottom right part of the screen.